A Reflection of my Reading Year {Mid-Year}

We’re a little more than half way through the year but I figured that reflecting on how i’m reading is still a good thing to do. I like to do reflections because it helps me figure out where I am and what changes I need to make. For example, my main reading goal for the new year was (and for every year) is to read more diversely. So without gabbing any longer, lets get into the reflection:

  • As of this very moment, I have read 66 books. My goal is to read 100 so that means I am “7 books ahead of schedule” so i’m a-okay on that front. I do think i’ll be able to read more in a couple of weeks once i’m done with my summer classes but i’ll only have a couple weeks in between the end of classes and the start of the fall semester (and my final one!!!!) so we’ll see how much I can actually get read during the year. Not sure i’ll be able to get much over 100 books read, but that’s fine with me! Reading shouldn’t feel like a chore.
  • Of those 66 books, 12 of them (18%) have been written by diverse authors. By diverse authors, I mean authors of color, LGBTQA+, and other marginalization. I don’t count depression and anxiety as part of my diverse list because, sadly, so many people suffer from those disorders and while there are people who don’t see depression and anxiety as real, for the most part it is treated with a sense of “respect”.
    • Reading more diverse is obviously going to be the most important thing that I’ll be working on for the remaining year. I do have a couple books on my shelf, and more coming from my library, from diverse authors but they are all relatively popular books so I also want to seek out books from lesser known marginalized authors to help promote them and their stories. Also, if you have any recommendations for me leave them down in the comments! 🙂
  • Also looking at all the books I’ve read so far, it looks like they’re mainly romance books. I definitely have no problem with that. I love myself some good smut.
  • My favorite books so far is actually a tie between 3. Hunger by Roxane Gay, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, and The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli.
  • This isn’t technically a reading related reflection as much as it’s just a blog post that I think everyone needs to read. But Cam wrote a wonderful post on her blog about the representation of sex in books. You can read the post here.

I believe that this is all that I really wanted to reflect on. Again, if you have any recommendations of books written by diverse authors, please leave them down in the comments!


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